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Write the World – Reasons to Write

Reading is Just Great

To start talking about writing we’ll first need to talk about reading. Reading is one of the most fundamental and enjoyable pursuits. The luxury of sitting comfortably and then being transported into different lives and worlds through the lines of a good story is priceless. Stories have value, they have a weight and wealth of experience that readers draw on in their own lives. Many people say they have taken inspiration from the stories they have read that has gone on to positively impact their lives. If you aren’t a fan of reading, here’s just a handful of reasons why you should be doing it anyway: reading for pleasure has been proven to increase language skills, reduce levels of stress, make you more empathetic, more creative; and it may give you knowledge of our world that could even save your very life! Enjoy stories any way you can and you'll be happy you did.

So, Why Write?

If you thought reading was super excellent for you, here are a few things to know about writing that might influence you to start.

  • While reading about a situation helps you to see it from someone’s point of view, writing about something will help you work out what you understand about it, and how you can communicate it to others. And just as a story might positively impact you, your story might just do the same for someone else.

  • Writing is great for the brain. It’s a creative activity that makes you even more creative, and it reduces stress and anxiety, helping you to problem solve and better reason things out, which contributes to a happier more fulfilling life.

  • Depending on what you write about, crafting a story can actually make you better at doing the things you’re writing about. You might even research something while writing, and that just feeds back into the benefits of reading again. Win, win!

  • It’s fun. You won’t be bored while writing. You are literally creating something where there wasn’t anything before, be it a place or a character, and you can make anything happen. That’s truly amazing. Don’t be scared away from the prospect of having to re-write a story more than once. You may have to write it all out the first time to see what it’s about, and that’s something that many writers say they enjoy about the process.

  • Writing is a way to share your ideas and concerns. The impact and influence of shared stories is boundless. We all know that articles in the media have an influence, but stories in any genre can tackle some of the most serious questions, while offering insightful solutions too.

As Bear With Me Books’ first published author Andrew Barlow said when asked about advice for anyone who wanted to write, “Start. Just Start!” Simple and effective.


If you’re interested in starting to write, why not have something to work towards?

Bear With Me Books is running a writing competition for Earth Day 2019. We’re looking for environmentally-themed stories about people or animals attempting to make their world a better place. Stories that help us to understand the natural world, change attitudes and influence action are what we need now more than ever. The deadline for the Bear With Me Books Short Story Competition is April 5th.

Happy writing!

P.S. Start reading too!


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